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All of our pro staff have agreeded to answer question that you might have. Just send us a email with your question.  Just click here to ask a question.


Hey Mike,
My son Casey is 10 years old and he is a big fan of yours. He fishes some of the kids tournaments around Broward.  He wants to know if you are you planning on fishing the Bassmaster tournament in January on Lake Okeechobee?

Steve H

Tamarac, FL



I’m so sorry it has taken so long to respond.  Right now my schedule is up in the air.  It looks like I probably will be fishing that tournament, however I am still waiting on some sponsorship issues from FLW, so my schedule is not yet set in stone.  Before the tournaments you can go on the Bassmaster site to confirm the field.

Thanks so much – I’m honored to have your son as a fan.

Best Regards,

Mike Surman


Mr. Mike Surman I was just recently looking on youtube and I just felt like looking at you for a while and I saw this video with you fishing with the Nemire Spoon Buzzer in lake Okeechobee and I saw you catch that 10 pound bass.  But here’s the question do you think that the nemire spoon buzzer will be a big hit in Palm Beach County and Broward county in the morning? And one more thing what kind of color worms will be best to fish with in this season?

    Thanks Jonathan Britt



The Nemire Spoon Buzzer is a great lure and really catches big fish.  The buzzer is great for fishing in canals and lakes that have vegetation and lily pads.  I love to throw this bait first thing in the morning and late in the evening when I’m looking for a really big fish.  As for worm colors, when fishing in South Florida June Bug and Red Shad are hard to beat.  I hope you catch a big one!

Mike Surman

Check out the video;


mr. mike surman i recently bought a new spinng reel the pflueger supremme and i bought braided line for it and when i put the line on the reel and tested it out it was fine but when i was fishing in the father son lake osborne tounament i would cast and knots would form in the line and i would have to cut the line and retie on my lure so i thought you could tell me why that was happening thanks.   
Austin mountcastle
That is a good question and seems to happen when using a spinning reel. One thing about braided line is that when it backlashes it is difficult to undo. With monofilament and a spinning reel fill the line on the reel only about 3/4 of the spool. After it is on, open the bail and if the line starts to come off by itself , you have to much line on. Braided is about the same but you can fill a little more. Just remember, the more line you have on the further it will cast, but the more backlash problems you will have. I hope that helps! Keep fishing!


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