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Pro's Pointers

By Mike Surman

It was great seeing all the kids at the last couple of tournaments.  I love listening to the baits they use to catch fish and the reasons why they chose them.

As we enter the summer months, lots of fishing experts talk about the “summer slumps”.  This is not necessarily true, but you do need to change your tactics to catch fish.  Early in the morning and late in the evening will be the most productive times.  This is when the fish are the most active as our lake and canal water temperatures near 90.  To catch these fish you will need to try some different techniques.  Since the water is so warm the fish will be hiding under anything they can find for shade.  One of my favorite early morning and late evening techniques is to throw a Nemire Spoon Buzzer across lily pads.  This technique can catch you some giant bass and the top water explosion is unbelievable.  To fish this bait you need a little heavier rod and line to get the big ones out of the shade cover they have chosen. Just make a long cast and start reeling, with your rod held high, as soon as the lure hits the water. Hand on to the rod tight because when they hit it will scare you death.

As the sun continues to rise in the day you need to slow down and fish a plastic worm.  Again, the fish will be next to the cover or towards deeper water in the middle of canals and lakes.  They use deep water for the same reasons they love lily pads and weeds; the light does not penetrate to the deeper parts of the water so the water temperature is a little cooler.  For middle of the day fishing my favorite baits are Gambler Sweebo worms rigged on a Giggy Head, or if I’m looking for a big fish, a 10” Gambler worm. Cast these out and work slow along the bottom. In the middle of the day, with the sun high, slow is the key. Work the worm slowly pumping your rod upward and be alert for any slight tap. When you feel the tap, lower your rod, reel up the slack, and set the hook.

I hope these tips help you catch more summertime bass and if you come up with any exciting techniques or ideas, drop me a line or email.

Until next time, have fun and good fishing.


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